Violin professor

I love teaching, every aspect of it, searching, making students play their best, eliminating the barrier,they face.

Teaching is my passion since the age of 16, when people ask me , who am I, Soloist, Chamber music player, Quartet leader, or a Conductor- I always reply –

when I teach- I try to solve the problems of a student, together with him, to make him think and listen, in order to sound the best version of himself,

as a First violinist of a quartet , I teach in a way- trying to prove certain musical approach, suggesting something to te colleagues, and try to organize the rehearsal process the best, same as a Conductor, also explaining some technical solutions and phrasing. As a Concertmaster I have to lead the orchestra certain way, inspire the sound quality , colors…

So, the Pedagogy is in the centre of all my activities as a musician , and one makes develop another, I believe that I have developed as a violinist and a musician like never before, since I have began to teach.

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